Packages made for Ubuntu by vedran (vljubovic at smartnet dot ba)

Here is a nicely organized list of packages I've made. If you wish to go directly to directory listing, it's right here. (might be a bit confusing because it contains all the development files.


Equinox Desktop Environment (EDE)

Equinox is a fast, lightweight desktop environment built around fltk. Note that it isn't just a window manager like IceWM, but much much more.

Packages needed to install EDE on your Ubuntu/Debian box:
NOTE: This package used to be called "ede", but it caused a conflict with another package (Emacs Development Environment). Please do not use that package. If you already installed it: uninstall (dpkg -r) then install equinox package (dpkg -i).


IceWM for UbuntuLite

This package will install everything needed for lightweight IceWM desktop (be sure to use apt):



Qingy Is Not GettY - it's a login manager that doesn't require X, which means that it starts much faster, but you have to wait for X after logging in - or you can just login to console :) Ideal for underpowered computers.

Instructions to use qingy on Ubuntu (Hoary, UbuntuLite):



Modified GDM package that contains only gdmlogin. This is much faster, usable on old computers, and has almost no GNOME dependancies:



Mirrored packages

Some third-party packages that I find interesting: